The CHAMUNDI HILL PALACE is actually an aristocratic family home converted into a small center to promote Ayurveda, not what is called a resort.

This house belonged to Saroja's husband where they came from time to time between their stays in Munnar or Trivandrum. She really liked this place which she found completely magical.









Saroja Thampi has always been very religious and always implored in her prayers the goddess Devi (the Shakti of Shiva) in whom she had an unwavering faith. One day she had a terrible and irreversible kidney disease: even the dialysis could do nothing about it, the doctors had condemned her. She fell into a coma for several days, but before that, she had prayed and prayed to the goddess. After several days she came out of a coma and everything was gone. She believed in a miracle from the Goddess, and indeed, no one was able to explain this spontaneous healing.

A few days later, she had a dream where the Goddess enjoined her to defend Ayurveda to heal others and to rename the hill she loved so much "Chamundi Hills". But it required a lot of work and adjustments, and as she had neither studied nor ever worked, the task was all the more delicate. However, she asked her husband if he agreed to help her financially, and he was subsequently her main supporter. There was a lot of love between the two of them. The rest of the events were one of the consequences of the active manifestation of the goddess.

It started in 2000, her husband passed away two years later, which was a huge shock, but the joy of serving ayurveda, the family atmosphere where each member of the staff venerates her as a mother bring her the joy of a refined and simple soul. She lives in the big house, modestly, and meets the hosts from time to time.

But they say over there that it is the Goddess who chooses the clients ...


Breakfast is taken at 9 a.m., lunch at 1 p.m. dinner at 6 p.m.