CARNOUSTIE AYURVEDA & WELLNESS RESORT is a luxury Ayurvedic center on the beautiful beach of Mararikulam near Alleppey, but is mainly devoted to Ayurveda with excellent doctors.

The decoration is well done, but little revealed detail, the architectural design has benefited the greatest talents in the greatest respect for nature, which is very consistent with Ayurveda and we must really salute.







Swimming pool


The villas are all covered with green roofs and are cleverly scattered in such a way that there is no feeling of close proximity.

Some villas do not have a private pool (the Akund Deluxe, numbering 14), but the other 18 have this rare privilege.

The area is very extensive, and you can move in an electric golfette (with driver ...) on simple call.

For those who only accompany a Ayurvedic spa, there is also the possibility of having thalassotherapy, naturopathy, Thai massages, etc ...