The MITRA HERMITAGE is a small center that has three rooms in bungalows with a palm roof and two rooms in a small building where care is given and six rooms in a new two-storey building where the restaurant is located.

It is called Ayurveda Residency because it has nothing to do with a hotel.







Swimming pool


In fact this small, extremely clean and new center was created by a couple of village doctors and has little in common with the tourist centers. There is no entertainment, no pool, enough space, but it's not huge. There is a small boat that can take you to the beach that adjoins Beach and Lake.

It is halfway between Kovalam and Trivandrum, 7 km from Kovalam.

Comfort does not compete with the best known centers, but we are here for a health investment, and the service is very warm and family. It's calm, care, no beach, no pool, greenery and the life of a village nearby.