The DUKE'S FOREST LODGE is a small center that has been built in a rubber plantation of more than 50 hectares bordering the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary.

Besides rubber production, there are also many spices, coconuts, mangos, a small farm and an orphanage for dogs (far from the bungalows ...)









The villas have a small pool-jacuzzi on the ground floor, under the structure. There are five of them. There is also a poolside villa and four standard rooms in a building surrounded by trees.

The health center is halfway between the standard rooms and the restaurant, it's a good walk, but there is always a car to take you there.

The Duke's forest lodge has just built a beautiful outdoor yoga room, but it is also a small laboratory: it is here that are preparing drugs for the Nikki's Nest.

It's a special place, which nicely complements the Nikki's Nest seaside stay, but it's self-explanatory if you want to disconnect.