KALARI KOVILAKOM is not an Ayurvedic center like the others. So much so that on the 18 rooms of the palace, the majority are reserved a year in advance by the curists who discovered it.

So if you can get a reservation - well in advance - you will be part of the privileged who taste ayurveda in the extreme rigor of his science, but also in the luxury and beauty of an authentic and timeless palate .







Swimming pool


Here, no concessions to addictions, to stress, to the various pollutions to which we have been too well accustomed. One could compare the KALARI KOVILAKOM to a luxury ashram, or to a monastery-hotel, except that there is no reference to religion, no proselyte or sectarian speech, one comes to regenerate or to treatment.

If we can consider that the rules of the cure are very strict (no mobile phone, no television, no newspapers, no computer, no shoes except the flip flops of the center, no outputs, anonymity, etc. ...), these are just the means at your disposal to better disconnect and find yourself with yourself, it is also a certain guarantee not to be polluted by the possible agitation of other curists. Silence is here sacred, at the same time as attention to your inattention. The program is loaded and timed: get up early, yoga, care, meditation, care, etc .... There are clocks everywhere. Everyone is dressed the same way, in bathrobe or white kurta (a little like for ayurvedic treatments) and the communication is in the feeling more than in the chatter.

The effects are spectacular - both for people who suffer from arthritis, psoriasis, insomnia, or other - that for those who have no proven pathologies, which explains the loyalty at the end of the first course ( 14 days minimum).

No white sand beach, no pool, only nature with mountains in the background, sober food under medical supervision, yoga, meditation, introspective loneliness, peace of soul and body. (It is better to come alone than in a couple), but an interior space to discover without the use of the intellect.

It is an exceptional health investment, provided you expect a certain let go unmissable ...