RAJAH BEACH HOSPITAL is a small center of about thirty rooms belonging to the group Rajah Hospitals. It was the first Ayurvedic hospital to receive the NABH qualification from India's Minisitere.

What evokes for us Western the word hospital is far from what we find here, even if the care is extremely serious, because we are immersed in an environment of beauty, peace and







Swimming pool


luxury sober and refined. Pastel tones, rattan, plenty of space, and outside, a vegetal proliferation expertly controlled since it feeds and treats patients of Rajah Beach.

Doctor DEEPA runs this center with her husband, himself a doctor, in consultation with the doctors of the hospital group. It is not uncommon to meet patients coming to treat heavy diseases. Priority is also given to people who are suffering or who have proven illnesses.

The small size of the center implies a warm proximity with all the staff, almost family, but leaving you a great freedom, amply facilitated by the space here everywhere.