The AYURYOGATHEERAM is a small center of currently 8 rooms (4 other rooms are planned) located 2 km away from Sreechithra Ayurhome.

Sreechithra is also a small center at the edge of a large river. It was created by Dr. Madhu, who is a professor at Government Ayurveda College and whose specialty - as well as his teaching skills - is Ayurvedic pediatrics.







Swimming pool


The team of doctors at this center, although trained in state universities, is the continuation of a long legacy of Ayurvedic know-how and their skills are more medical than welfare, but as one does not prevent the other, they created this small annex for those who wanted to see the sea and enjoy long walks on the sandy beaches.

The result is quite successful, and knowing the seriousness with care is given, no doubt it will be quickly filled.

The cook who has a beautiful mischievous smile when we congratulate her for her dishes, is a villager who lives nearby, and who is excited for this new job that changes her life pleasantly, and as she likes to cook and make pleasure, it feels in each of her dishes.

Here life is simple, but rich in this simplicity.